Alice Fry, Student Blogger – My Experiences of GCSE So Far…

GCSEs. A word with which comes much anguish, responsibility and the balance of your future.

However, these are your first initial thoughts of GCSEs, which may seem daunting, but in year 10 it is all about practising key skills that will ensure you reach the highest grades possible.

Recently in English we have been studying the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ which is written by JB Priestly. This is an intriguing play which incorporates many varying themes and the idea of characters representing the conscience of their whole family.

Currently we are just beginning to study ‘Romeo and Juliet’; a tragic, but much loved classic Shakespeare play. Soon after we will go on to apply our knowledge of both ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in a controlled assessment which amounts up to 25% of our English Literature GCSE.

So remember, if you desire to succeed in Year 10 English then organisation, patience, and determination are essential.

Your future, is in your hands.


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