Elysia Packwood – GCSE Experience So Far…

GCSE experience so far…

This term seems to have gone by really quickly, it has been difficult settling in to a year ten environment and adjusting to the higher expectations of work and home learning. As well as the core subjects that I have to do I have taken geography, resistant materials and physical education; I have really enjoyed my chosen subjects over these 8 weeks, learning about Kerala’s population policy in Geography and badminton formations in pe. Res Mat has so far been my favourite lesson, starting my controlled assessment and choosing my GCSE project. I am hopefully going to create a record storage unit for all my LPs.

My advice for year nine’s thinking about their option choices is choose wisely, I know so many students that have chosen what they thought they would love and really enjoy; they have ended up hating it, regretting their choices and finding it difficult to understand. Talk to you parents and subject teacher about weather that particular subject would be right for you, think about whether you would enjoy it, achieve good grades and suit your future needs, also whether it will actually keep you interested over the next two year period!

Elysia Packwood


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