Luke Essigman, Student Blogger – Term 1, Year 10

As your journey continues from Year 9 to Year 10, one can’t help but stress. GCSE’s are upon you. But never fear as if one does the right things, there is nothing to worry about.  For me, GCSE lessons are no different to any other. But what is different is responsibility. Take care of your notes and learning and you will soon realise the benefit   later on when revising. Put it this way: You have dropped all the subjects you don’t like therefore can focus more on the ones you do enjoy.  This almost makes your school days more enjoyable, yes there is responsibility, but with responsibility comes independence.

Challenges will occur but it’s your chose either to rise to them or ignore. All you must remember is: The more you put in, the more you get out. But what do challenges look like? A challenge is something which you don’t feel comfortable doing, something outside your comfort zone. Challenges don’t just have to be these epic adventures, challenges can be simple to others but complex for you.  The challenge to further your learning, asking questions. Challenges are all around its just you don’t recognize them


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