Year 9 Bloggers

Year 9BC (TP)  have begun to to analyse and create non-fiction texts in preparation for their GCSE work which will focus on this area in great detail.

Their project this term is to create their own offline blog that shows they have a good awareness of what language and content is required for a successful blog; they will also be judged on the visual aspects of their blog. Colour, fonts, images etc.

Blogs and social media are becoming more important every day as companies and organisations endeavour to spread the word about their product or aims. Our students need to be aware of this if they are to be ready for the jobs they will do that probably don’t even exist yet.

The students with the best blogging ability will be invited to become ‘Student Bloggers’ for this very blog.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for select individuals to really bolster their CV and to have a voice for the student population.

If you are interested in taking part yourself, but don’t happen to be in my class, then get in touch arrange something.


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